Facial Hair Removal Why Is it Necessary and How Is it Done? – Media Content Lab

can cause elevated levels of testosterone. PCOS symptoms include hair growth on the neck, face the chest, back and face in addition to menstrual discomfort.

PCOS is the primary reason behind not just female facial hair, however also infertility. several treatments can address it. Easiest of all is birth control pills, which modify the hormonal levels and give women a smoother or completely relaxed menstrual cycle as well as one that is more normally hormonal. With birth control pills, females not only reap an advantage of having more clear skin and less facial hair, but they also have the benefit of being able to manage when and when they get pregnant.

Metformin is a topically applied treatment for loss of hair and androgen problems, changes the way your body uses glucose. Another fantastic solution for the growth of facial hair as well as an underrated option is to cut down on carbs. High glycemic foods can increase sugars, inflammation and cause an increase in androgen. Low glycemic foods can help with hair growth. These diseases can make it essential to eliminate facial hair. The procedure can be performed by visiting your local spa.


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