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t in injury. That said, it can be daunting to figure out what to put in your IFAK to ensure that you’ll be covered regardless of what comes your way. Luckily, our good friends at War Pig Academy have put together this video that will demonstrate what must put into an IFAK and what you should be looking for in an.

How to put your IFAK medical kit in place
The equipment is deployed by the military personnel during trauma situations. If it’s reliable enough for them, then it’ll suffice for you.

Fox Eye Shield
Make sure to cover, secure, and let air reach the injured eye.

HyFin Chest Seal
Wounds to the chest that go through the chest.

Stop bleeding, fix bandages and any other medical equipment for emergencies.

Medical Tape
Secure bandages, and other medical equipment and stop bleeding.

Combat Gauze
Stop bleeding by attaching the bandages or medical equipment.

This can be inserted into airway after it is affected or blocked in order to preserve the integrity of the airway.

When there is a case of the chest cavity, swelling, or other conditions of chest cavity, this is done to reduce pressure.

Permanent Marker
It’s important to clearly label whom and the issues you’ve been dealing with.

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