How a New Roof Can Increase Your Homes Energy Efficiency – Home Efficiency Tips

nsulator. Foam insulation can also be employed. It’s usually composed of polyurethane, but it is also possible to make other materials. While it’s better than fiberglass insulation, it is much more costly.

Check with various roofing companies to discover energy saving options if you think about installing a roofing. Many roofing firms offer energy-efficient productslike reflective roof coatings. Even though a new roof might be a substantial investment however, it’s well worthy of the expense if your goal is to improve energy efficiency. The new roof won’t only improve the energy efficiency of your home, and will improve aesthetic appeal as well as your property’s value.

Radiant Barrier

The most recent roofing technology is able to increase the efficiency of your home’s energy use, reduce utility bills and provide you with the advantages from a brand new roof. One of these options is a radiant barrier, an insulation which blocks radiant heat transfer between two rooms. Radiant barriers work best when it is hot, since they reflect the heat away from your home and help keep interior temperatures cool. This is an important expense during the summer, when cooling costs are high.

Radiant barriers not only reflect heat but also decrease the transfer of heat through convection or conduction. They also reduce the transfer of heat from the hot surface of the roof towards the cooler inside surface making for a cooler and energy-efficient home. Radiant barriers can also be used decrease the effects of the home on the planet by reducing usage of energy while maintaining a comfortable temperature. If you’d like to discuss options for radiant barriers, contact a professional roofers who offer the repair of your roof or gutters locally for installing a radiant barrier.

Energy Star Rating

Due to the growing use of energy sources and concern for energy sustainability, having homes that are energy efficient is crucial. Many believe energy efficiency is about cutting down on the waste generated by your home.


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