Different Type of Roofs You Should Consider for Your Home –

Types of roofs to install on your home uction. This type of roof is more affordable. A gable roof can also be an option. It has a classic look to give the roof the ability to breathe and provide more space. A glass roof can be employed to let in skies. It can let more sunlight in.
Wooden Roof

Wood roofing can be a fantastic option looking at the various kinds of roofing materials you can choose from. The wood roof is the ideal choice for an Cape Cod, Craftsman, or Tudor-style home. They start off as sand brown before changing into silver as they age. The wood roofing replacement to last for up fifty years, especially when it is dry. In areas prone to fire, the wood should be protected. Roofs made of wood should be replaced frequently in wetter regions. They are damaged by water swiftly. The most common wood materials are pine, cedar and redwood. This material keeps bugs away.

Of all the wood choices the cedar shaker roof is the most popular. The price ranges from $5 to $13 per square foot. Shaker wood is in an elongated shape, which makes the appearance of wood more natural and rugged. This type of wood can be more costly to put in. Roof shingles of wood, on other hand, are of uniform length as they’re sawmills having similar widths and thicknesses. The roofs are clean and straight. It is about $2 less as shakerwood.

Green Roofing

Green roofs are the most interesting green, eco-friendly and sustainable types of roofing to install. These roofs are created from the roof and include plants and soil to create a waterproof layer. These roofs are considered a living roof and increasing number of homeowners are installing these roofs. These roofs improve air quality as well as drainage. They are on the costly side at $20 per square foot. A roof that covers 2,000 square feet is about $4000. Roofs that are this large also need some attention. This is a great way to have a landscaping area on your property.

A green roof is an elegant and appealing choice.


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