A Car Care Guide for the Winter – 1302 Super

A battery terminal inspection is a good idea. To stop corrosion from developing and forming, it’s a good idea to apply a protective spray over the battery terminals.
7. Ensure Your Lighting System

According to NASA according to the NASA there is a shorter daylight and the nights are longer, which means it is likely that you will use your car’s lights more frequently in the winter time than in summer. It is important to ensure that the lighting system inside your vehicle functions properly through winter.

Change your bulb in the event that your car’s light appears dull or yellowish or if they don’t respond to a car wash. If you continue to have issues then it’s your cue for a car servicing appointment to have a more thorough assessment of your lighting system.

8. Examine Your Window Tracks

One of the most important tips for car maintenance is to check that your window tracks are in top state of repair. Winter water can seep into the tracks and cause drag to windows opening. Drag can result in significant damage to cable that regulates the window, and they are costly and cost around $300. If you’d like to avoid any issues, it is advisable to conduct a window track examination.

In most scenario, it’s possible to grease your window tracks using Teflon spray or silicone spray fluid to get rid of the issue.

9. Lubing Your Door Locks, Weather Stripping, Hinges, and Latches Lubricating Your Door Locks

Most likely, you don’t use your door lock and trunk as long as your car is equipped with keys that are remote-controlled, which could mean you avoid lubricating the locks on your doors. If you don’t lubricate the locking cylinders of your locks, they’ll develop corrosion. That could mean that you’ll no longer be able access your car keys when your battery that powers your keyless remote fails.

Do not wish to lose access to your car, particularly during winter. This explains why lubricating your door locks make it an excellent car maintenance guide.


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